Sleeve         Sleeve           Sleeve

  • Additional car names, designs and logs available to front/ or back**
  • Crystals are available in most colors unless specified

 $34.00       $37.00        $40.00

S - XLg      S - XLg        S-XLg

 $42.00       $45.00        $48.00

 $44.00       $47.00        $50.00


(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

See our other shopping categories for additional "Car Themed" designs:

   Short            3/4               Long         

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S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg


(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

 $46.00       $49.00        $52.00

Candy Cane Corvette Embellishments

Along with Snowman and snowflakes.  Lettering and design color:  various options available.

S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg

 $36.00       $39.00       $42.00

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 $37.00       $40.00        $43.00

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x


(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

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 $39.00       $42.00        $45.00

  • Upgrade to Swarovski crystals unless specified**
  • Wording can be personalized on most designs**

Forget the Sleigh...Take the Corvette!

Lots of crystals along with Santa's hat and holly on the sleeves for that added holiday touch!  Various options available.

Christmas Trees & Corvette

Riding under a blanket of snowflakes and thru the trees.  Pick your Corvette model and Corvette script or word of choice.  Lettering and design color:  various options available.

S - XLg      S - XLg      S-XLg

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Sleeve           Sleeve         Sleeve   

 $45.00       $48.00        $51.00

**prices subject to change

   Short            3/4               Long         

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Tanks         Short        Long  

Corvette script or word of choice with design underneath.  Lettering and design color:  various options available.

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

 $47.00       $50.00        $53.00

Tanks         Short        Long  

Tanks         Short        Long  

 $49.00        $52.00        $55.00

Where it all began . . . the love for Corvettes and wanting to proudly show it off with Glitz!

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

Click on any design picture for additional samples (Not applicable to all designs).

 $34.00       $37.00        $40.00

C1-C6 Corvette Silhouette, Roadster.  Corvette lettering with row of hearts adorned with flames underneath.  This design is the same as S011 but done with color crystals instead of clear.

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(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

Tanks         Short        Long  

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

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S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg


 $37.00       $40.00        $43.00

Get Wild in style!

Poly Rayon Burnout Printed in Misses.  Shirt is with High-Low Hem and side slit.  Sleeves are 3/4.

Various options available.