S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg


S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg

Fall Fire

Corvette script or word of choice.

Lettering color:  various options


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 $32.00       $35.00        $38.00

 $34.00       $37.00        $40.00

S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg

 $41.00       $44.00        $47.00

​Corvette script or word of choice.  Lettering color:  various options available.

(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

 $44.00       $47.00        $50.00

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

 $35.00       $38.00        $41.00

 $37.00       $40.00        $43.00

  1x - 3x    


Tanks         Short        Long  

(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg

 $35.00       $38.00        $41.00

 $32.00       $35.00        $38.00

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

*****NEW ITEM ******

Corvette & Stingray in silver glitter film with crystal accents.

Corvette script with blue crystal star burst, red stripes and white stars.  Celebrate and show your pride for your car and country that you love!

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 $48.00       $51.00        $54.00

 $45.00       $48.00        $51.00

1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x

S - XLg       S - XLg        S-XLg

If you got it ... flaunt it...

C6 Z06 505HP

Design colors:  clear, red, yellow, fire opal and orange.  Crystals, rhinestones, and metals are used to complete the whole design! 


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  • Additional car names, designs and logs available to front/ or back**
  • Crystals are available in most colors unless specified

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Where it all began . . . the love for Corvettes and wanting to proudly show it off with Glitz!

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**prices subject to change

  • Upgrade to Swarovski crystals unless specified**
  • Wording can be personalized on most designs**

Shirt available as shown

(Long Sleeve)  

(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

Tanks         Short        Long  

(Straps)       Sleeve      Sleeve

 XS - XLg  

Tanks         Short        Long  


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Keep Calm & drive a Corvette fast!

Tanks         Short        Long  

Tanks         Short        Long  


1x - 5x       1x - 5x        1x - 5x